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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Shepherds David Jones June 20, 2020 Sioux Falls, SD; Watertown, SD
Our Undercover Boss Chris Rowland June 20, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
Seek the Forever Age Ethan May June 20, 2020 Chicago, IL
Father's Day Lessons From the Man With Seven Names Mike Cook June 20, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
The Fool, Part 1 Gary Smith June 17, 2020 Houston, TX
If Only God Would Speak to Me Rob Slocum June 13, 2020 Seattle, WA
Lessons From the Reign of Jehoshaphat: A Life of a King Carl Koester June 13, 2020 Eugene, OR; Roseburg, OR; Salem, OR
Setting Our Spiritual House in Order Stan Hopper June 13, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
The Elaborate Dance Between Faith, Hope, and Love Dan Apartian June 13, 2020 Bloomington, IL; Canton, IL
7 Attributes of God Identified by the Many Titles of God Gary Burke June 13, 2020 Lubbock, TX
1 Corinthian 13:7: Love Hopes, Love Endures Dan Taylor June 13, 2020 Lubbock, TX
When Your World Turns Upside Down Len Martin June 13, 2020 Columbus, OH
Jealousy - a Two Sided Coin Melvin Parks June 13, 2020 Greensboro, NC
When Hearts Begin to Change Joshua Creech June 13, 2020 Ft. Wayne, IN
Jesus' Example of Not Being a Respecter of Persons Mario Seiglie June 13, 2020 Garden Grove, CA
Let's Not Play "let's Make a Deal" Mark Cedeno June 13, 2020 Garden Grove, CA
Where Is Your Citizenship? Ken Loucks June 13, 2020 Portland, OR
Nature of the Holy Spirit Ronald A. Bell June 13, 2020 Buffalo, NY
The Thankful Leper Johnnie Lambert June 13, 2020 Buffalo, NY
Our Father Which Art in Heaven Robin Webber June 13, 2020 San Diego, CA