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Desiring a Face-to-Face With God Jeffrey Herrera April 22, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
Why Are We Here? Keeping the Feast of the Lord Mitchell Knapp October 13, 2011 Branson, Missouri 2011
Is Your Religion God's Religion Ed Dowd January 2, 2010 Wichita, KS
Firstfruits: The Chosen Few Vernon Hargrove May 19, 2013 Columbus, OH
Passover Words Gary Smith April 9, 2016 Houston, TX
When Christians Disagree Frank McCrady April 10, 2010 Dayton, OH
Peace: A Fruit of the Spirit Mark Regoord May 30, 2015 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
Two Meanings of the Feast Larry Walker October 4, 2015 Bend, Oregon 2015
The Prodigal Son: Part 2: Welcome Home My Son Gary Beam July 17, 2021 Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Tupelo, MS
Counting the Omer Tom Robinson May 23, 2015 Dallas, TX
Who Was Christ? Braden Veller July 9, 2011 Tampa, FL
Clean and Unclean Meats Elmer Wilke December 5, 2015 Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO
God Must Reveal, Part 1 Bob Fahey December 17, 2005 Chicago, IL
Called to Be Leaders Joe Greene October 24, 2015 Milwaukee, WI
Meekness, Gentleness and Kindness Frank Dunkle October 12, 2013 Portsmouth, OH
Twenty Reasons Laws Are Applied but Not Abolished: Part 2 Mario Seiglie December 16, 2017 Orange County, CA
Beware of Our Thoughts John Massie June 26, 2018 Lewistown, PA
The Place He’s Preparing for Us Rick Shabi September 5, 2020 Orlando, FL
Creating Line of Sight Part2: The Flow Down Kim Boykin March 6, 2021 Raleigh, NC; Jacksonville, NC
Moving Towards the Feast of Trumpets Steven D Holladay September 1, 2012 Atlanta, GA