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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Oh, How Love I Thy Law Gary Smith November 13, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
Acceptance of Demotion and Humiliation Greg Thomas November 13, 2010 Cleveland, OH
How a Wife Aids Her Husband Roy Holladay November 13, 2010 Rome, GA
Lessons from the Minor Prophets, Part 2: Obadiah, Jonah and Micah William Vernich November 13, 2010 Nashville, TN
Just Like Us Kevin Call November 13, 2010 Prestonsburg, KY
Understanding the Mind of God Randy Schreiber November 13, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
Are You Living a Purpose-Filled Life? Ken Martin November 13, 2010 Columbus, GA
What God's Church Can Do for You, Part 2 John Elliott November 13, 2010 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ
Good Leadership Gary Nielander November 13, 2010 Ft. Wayne, IN
How Do You Respond When You Are Disappointed by Other Christians? Randy D'Alessandro November 13, 2010 Ann Arbor, MI
This Generation Will Not Pass Jim Tuck November 13, 2010 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Attitudes, Hypocrisy and Consequences Don Hooser November 13, 2010 Burlington, WA
Overcoming Hate Frank McCrady November 13, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
Are You Living a Purpose Filled Life? Ken Martin November 13, 2010 Central Georgia; Columbus, GA
New Creation Mystery Galen Morrison November 13, 2010 Beloit, WI
Worship of God, Part 1 Donald Ward November 6, 2010 Houston, TX
First Book of John, Part 10: 1 John 5:6-13 Bob Fahey November 6, 2010 Chicago, IL
Made in God's Image Tom M Damour November 6, 2010 Lubbock, TX
The Modern Translation of the Two Trees Roy Holladay November 6, 2010 Chattanooga, TN
God the Original Communicator Dale H. Puerner November 6, 2010 Beloit, WI