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Battle Tested Faith Randy Stiver October 25, 2014 North Canton, OH
Who and What Was Jesus Christ Before His Human Birth? Scott Ashley June 17, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO
Going to Heaven, Is It Biblical? Ronald A. Bell February 5, 2022 Buffalo, NY
The Power to Change the World Gary Beam January 30, 2016 Huntsville, AL
Children: What Do They Know? Donald Ward September 6, 2014 East Texas
What Is Your World View? Donald Ward September 10, 2011 East Texas
Satan's Organizational Structure Donald Ward April 5, 2014 East Texas
Trials Donald Ward October 10, 2015 East Texas
Out of Egypt John Miller April 10, 2015 North Canton, OH
When God Makes a Plan Ray K. Cowan February 22, 2014 London, KY
Be Thou My Vision: Focus on Christ Howard Davis April 1, 2017 Portland, OR
The Full Measure of God's Spirit Rex Sexton May 31, 2020 Portland, OR
Bowing Down to Baal Tim Martens November 27, 2021 Northwest Arkansas
The "How Bad Is It"? Game Randy Stiver June 18, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
Will of God Jim Tuck January 29, 2011 Sacramento, CA
Go Forth and Build Mark Welch December 22, 2012 Northwest Arkansas
A Prayer for the Temple of God Randy Stiver May 27, 2017 North Canton, OH
Let Us Go up to the Mountain of the Lord! Victor Kubik October 19, 2019 Panama City Beach, Florida 2019; Deaf & Hard of Hearing
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Leadership-How To Be A Godly Leader John Elliott December 2, 2006 Cincinnati East, OH
Trumpets: The Pivotal Point in Human History Ken Thomson September 17, 2012 San Antonio, TX