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Do We Observe or Absorb the Passover? Randy Schreiber April 2, 2011 Albuquerque, NM
Critical Thinking, Part 1 Randy Schreiber August 21, 2010 Albuquerque, NM; Phoenix East, AZ
Discerning the Lord's Body Bart Bornhorst March 19, 2016 Ft. Wayne, IN
Workflow for Salvation, Part 3 Ron Davenport August 15, 2015 Huntsville, AL
Lessons Learned in Forty Years W. Fred Crow January 7, 2012 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
A Tree or a Shrub: Moving From Choice to State of Being John Miller August 6, 2016 North Canton, OH
In Remembrance of Him Rob Slocum March 3, 2018 Portland, OR
Are We Counting Pentecost Correctly? Jim Tuck May 12, 2018 Phoenix East, AZ
Wait on God Gary Smith August 25, 2018 Houston, TX
Godly Repentance and Godly Belief Galen Morrison June 18, 2011 Beloit, WI
What Is Real Repentance David Roenspies March 28, 2015 Beloit, WI
In Search of Justice and Mercy Barry Howdeshell April 13, 2013 Little Rock, AR
Slaying Giants Braden Veller October 31, 2009 Tampa, FL
Trusting the Promises of God Jim Tuck January 4, 2014 San Francisco Bay Area, CA; San Jose, CA
Do You Know God? Donald Ward December 21, 2013 East Texas
Knowledge, Wisdom and Accountability Donald Ward October 17, 2015 East Texas
Growing in Grace and Knowledge Victor Kubik November 28, 2015 Beloit, WI
King David's Principles of Rulership in the Kingdom of God Howard Davis September 19, 2015 New York City, NY
The Bible Fred Whitlark February 4, 2017 Lawton, OK
Sent by God to Preach: Matthew 10 Jorge de Campos January 20, 2018 Lexington, KY