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The Sabbath Day Upheld John LaBissoniere July 27, 2013 Knoxville, TN
Is the Sabbath Binding Today Ray K. Cowan October 5, 2013 Knoxville, TN
Is the Spirit of God Leading You Monte Knudson October 24, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona 2016
Our Atonement Response Brian Shaw September 26, 2012 Twin Cities, MN
The Trunk of the Tree, Part 1 Donald Ward February 25, 2012 East Texas
How the Old Testament Was Canonized Jorge de Campos June 23, 2018 Lexington, KY
Understanding the Grace of God Donald Ward August 10, 2013 Cincinnati East, OH
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Habits Christopher Pritchard December 20, 2014 Lawton, OK
The Doctrine of the Immortal Soul Jim Tuck September 5, 2015 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Three Areas That Are Vital to Our Spiritual Life Bart Bornhorst July 23, 2011 Dayton, OH
The Divinity of Christ Roy Holladay January 24, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Why Does the Church of God Use the Hebrew Calendar? Part 1 Jorge de Campos May 9, 2015 Cincinnati East, OH
Ministry of Reconciliation, Part 2 Gary Petty March 26, 2011 San Antonio, TX
Understanding and Use of the Holy Spirit Gary Smith May 24, 2015 Houston, TX
The First Resurrection: A Better Resurrection Bill Cagle October 3, 2016 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
The Church: A Spiritual Organism Frank McCrady August 22, 2020 Lawton, OK
Putting on Christ through the Unity of Humility Ken Thomson April 1, 2013 San Antonio, TX
The True Identity of Jesus Christ: John 1 Scott Ashley January 14, 2012 Denver, CO
The Firstborn and the Unchangeable Priesthood Donald Ward April 10, 2015 East Texas
Seven Essential Elements of the Day of Atonement Roc Corbett September 23, 2015 Olympia, WA