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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
Glorify the Father Johnnie Lambert June 24, 2017 Buffalo, NY
Members of One Another David Dobson June 24, 2017 Huntsville, AL; Gadsden, AL
What the Bible Reveals About the Book of Life Ken Martin June 24, 2017 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Respect - the Missing Fundamental W. Fred Crow June 24, 2017 San Jose, CA
The Blessing of Marriage Devin Schulz June 24, 2017 Springfield, MO
What Do You Mean 'grudge'? David Updegraff June 24, 2017 Orange County, CA
The Perfect Law of Liberty Mario Seiglie June 24, 2017 Orange County, CA
Faithfulness: A Fruit of God's Spirit Leroy Cole June 24, 2017 Bethlehem, PA; Lewistown, PA
What Will You Do With Gods Holy Spirit? Mark Sappington June 24, 2017 Houston, TX
Truth or the Consequences Burtus Hicks June 24, 2017 Roanoke, VA
Faith of a Child Herman Spencer June 24, 2017 Roanoke, VA
He Will Magnify the Law Lynn Leiby June 24, 2017 Dallas, TX
Gnosticism: Twenty Gnostic Heresies Infecting Modern Christianity: Part 2 Don Hooser June 24, 2017 Dallas, TX
God's Promises Give Us Hope Robert L. Dunham June 24, 2017 Detroit, MI
The Oneness of God Ken Thomson June 24, 2017 Austin, TX
If You Follow Me Timothy Seelig June 24, 2017 San Antonio, TX
Our Mistakes Leo Sancho June 24, 2017 Prestonsburg, KY
Do We Love One Another? Orville Bumgardner June 24, 2017 Prestonsburg, KY
Biblical Hospitality Brian McGuire June 24, 2017 Ann Arbor, MI
Peace Be With You Joe Horchak June 24, 2017 Sacramento, CA