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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
Understanding and Preparing for the End Times (Part 1) Fred Nance July 8, 2017 Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN
Key Elements of Marriage: Do's and Don'ts for Married Couples Robert Dick July 8, 2017 Portland, OR
America Needs the Truth Randy Stiver July 8, 2017 North Canton, OH
Come out of Her My People Orville Bumgardner July 8, 2017 Prestonsburg, KY
Why Is God Hiding Himself? Jorge de Campos July 8, 2017 Lexington, KY
Righteousness Scott Moss July 8, 2017 Ft. Wayne, IN
Christian Freedom Doug Collison July 8, 2017 Henderson, KY; Paducah, KY; Poplar Bluff, MO
Types of Christians: Are You a Captive or a Casual Christian? Lonnie Johnson July 8, 2017 Springfield, MO
Hospitality Johnnie Lambert July 8, 2017 Buffalo, NY
Respecting Authority Kevin Call July 8, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
How the Father and Son Work Together: Jesus Revealed the Father Joe Dobson July 8, 2017 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City; St. Joseph, MO; Topeka, KS
Do You Know Where You're Going? Chuck Zimmerman July 8, 2017 Phoenix East, AZ
Judgment, Mercy and Our Growth to Christian Maturity Lawrence Rezentes July 8, 2017 Phoenix East, AZ
Learn From God Jim Call July 8, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Could You Have an Entitlement Mentality? Rick Shabi July 8, 2017 Orlando, FL
Lessons From the Book of Titus James G. Calantjis July 8, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
The Patterned Road to Spiritual "things" Jeffrey Herrera July 8, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
How Does One Gain Access to God? Ken Martin July 8, 2017 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Why Is Everyone so Angry? Joe Greene July 8, 2017 Milwaukee, WI
Will God Give Us More Than We Can Handle? Matt Earles July 8, 2017 Roanoke, VA