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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Hope: A Place to Go John Miller October 19, 2013 North Canton, OH
Encouragement Andy Sieker October 19, 2013 Elmira, NY
The Riches of Our Inheritance Jay Ledbetter October 19, 2013 Dallas, TX
A Good Conscience Before God Gary Smith October 19, 2013 Houston, TX
You Shall Fear the Lord Bill Cagle October 19, 2013 Northwest Arkansas; Tulsa, OK
Music in the Bible Keith K Haab October 19, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
God's Love: Conditional or Unconditional? Ken Martin October 19, 2013 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Stay Positive Mario Seiglie October 19, 2013 Lubbock, TX; Indianapolis, IN
Covenants, Part 2: Basic Promises of the New Covenant Larry Walker October 19, 2013 Bend, OR; Medford, OR
Zechariah 8-9: With PDF Bible Study Notes Fred Nance October 19, 2013 Little Rock, AR; Jonesboro, AR; Memphis, TN
Thessalonians, Part 13: 2 Thessalonians 1:11-2:4 Bob Fahey October 19, 2013 Chicago, IL; Beloit, WI
The Book of James, Part 4 Donald Ward October 19, 2013 East Texas
Three Questions for God, Part 2: Does God Exist? The Evidence of the Earth Fred Whitlark October 12, 2013 Dallas, TX
Integrity, a.k.a. George Strait and Mrs. Dorsheimer Don Pirwitz October 12, 2013 Northwest Arkansas
Pilgrims and Sojourners David Mills October 12, 2013 Greensboro, NC
Seeing Mark Graham October 12, 2013 Cleveland, OH
What is God Trying to Teach Me Today? Why? How? Tim Swope October 12, 2013 Cleveland, OH
Proverbs 31 Ben Massie October 12, 2013 Lewistown, PA
The Relationship of God to the Church Leroy Cole October 12, 2013 Lewistown, PA
Is God Calling Our Children Now? Randy D'Alessandro October 12, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI