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Are Humans Inherently Evil? Ed Dowd January 9, 2021 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Ten Keys to Your Salvation - Part 1 - Put God First John Elliott January 9, 2021 Burlington, WA
Deceptive Reasoning David Rains January 9, 2021 Bangor, ME; Saratoga Springs, NY; Southern New Hampshire; Worcester, MA
How Do We Measure Up? Gordon Hannaway January 9, 2021 St. Petersburg, FL
Respect: a Matter of Choice Doug Wendt January 9, 2021 Tampa, FL
What Does It Mean to Serve? Stan Martin January 9, 2021 Lawton, OK
Rejoice in Your Spiritual Blessings Paul Shemet January 9, 2021 Bakersfield, CA; Los Angeles, CA
Shadow of the Living Frank Fish January 9, 2021 Bakersfield, CA; Los Angeles, CA
Don't Lunge for the Boat J Leslie Booth January 9, 2021 Indianapolis, IN
The Growth Mindset Donald Turgeon January 9, 2021 Indianapolis, IN
True Compassion Len Martin January 9, 2021 Columbus, OH
The Boys in the Boat Mike Cook January 9, 2021 Lexington, KY
How Can I See God’s Perspective? Tim Pebworth January 9, 2021 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Together in Unity and Love: Weathering Divided Times Mike Phelps January 9, 2021 Ann Arbor, MI; Flint, MI; Detroit, MI
Babylon - Part 3 Vince Szymkowiak January 9, 2021 St. Louis, MO; Troy, IL
Before You Say Amen Ken Loucks January 9, 2021 Portland, OR
Lessons From Samson Carl Koester January 9, 2021 Salem, OR
From Sorrow to Completeness, Safety, Soundness, Welfare & Peace David Morker January 9, 2021 Twin Cities, MN
Numbers Part 1 Ronald A. Bell January 9, 2021 Buffalo, NY
God Is Good All the Time Jonathan F Garnant January 9, 2021 Orange County, CA