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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Standing in the Gap Dave Wallauch February 22, 2020 Garden Grove, CA
Discerning the Truth in a Post - Truth World Pt2 Ben Light February 22, 2020 Salem, OR
The Climb ROGER GRISWOLD February 22, 2020 Salem, OR
Judging and Judgement Gary Petty February 22, 2020 Murfreesboro, TN
Exploring the Gospels 6: the Meaning of the Name “jesus Christ” Scott Ashley February 22, 2020 Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO
Called, Chosen, and Faithful: Finding Biblical Truth in a World of Deception Craig Scott February 22, 2020 Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Raleigh, NC
Heathens & Publicans Lynn Leiby February 22, 2020 Dallas, TX
Romans Series: “by the Spirit”: Part 32 - Romans 8:12-17 Sam Sweat February 22, 2020 Dallas, TX
What and Why Is the Church? Ray K. Cowan February 22, 2020 Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Fundamentals of Belief #5 - Sin and God's Law Part 4 Nathan Ekama February 22, 2020 Bloomington, IL; Canton, IL
Once in an Eternity Opportunity Joel Borton February 22, 2020 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Daniel 11 Prophesy Justin Massie February 22, 2020 Bethlehem, PA
Passover Preparation From Proverbs Randy Stiver February 21, 2020 North Canton, OH
Resume: a Servant of the Lord Dave Hemsley February 15, 2020 Dayton, OH
Human Metamorphosis Justin Palm February 15, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
Why Are We on a Need to Know Basis: Be Thankful for the Knowledge God Has Given Us Thomas L. Knaack February 15, 2020 Oshkosh, WI
Who Can Stand in God’s Presence? Chris Rowland February 15, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
Ask, Seek, Knock: God's Relationship Charter Galen Morrison February 15, 2020 Beloit, WI
What Factor Is Essential in Young Adults Becoming Pillars in the Church? Randy D'Alessandro February 15, 2020 Chicago, IL
Pillars of Truth Andy Duran February 15, 2020 Chicago, IL