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Spiritual Battle Fatigue and How to Avoid It W. Fred Crow January 12, 2019 San Jose, CA
But Wait… There’s More! Len Martin October 14, 2019 Panama City Beach, Florida 2019; Deaf & Hard of Hearing
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Citizens Heartily of the Kingdom of God John Elliott September 19, 2020 Burlington, WA
Last Day of Unleavened Bread: The Symbol of the Grain Offering Mario Seiglie April 3, 2021 Orange County, CA
Wisdom in Matters of Friendship - Part Two Frank McCrady November 13, 2021 East Texas
Are We Truly Grateful? Len Martin November 27, 2021 Mansfield, OH
How Do We Go On? Gary Smith April 22, 2022 Houston, TX
The Spirit of Pentecost Darris McNeely May 27, 2007 Cincinnati East, OH
Joseph, Part 2 Gary Smith August 16, 2014 Houston, TX
Quakes, Samson, and Sin Peter Eddington April 7, 2012 Charlotte, NC
Spring Feast Preparation David Dobson March 14, 2015 Birmingham, AL; Gadsden, AL
Overview of Events Before the Feast of Trumpets Greg Thomas September 12, 2015 Cleveland, OH
Be Strong and of Good Courage Scott Brummett April 11, 2015 Lewistown, PA
Leviticus: A Call to Holiness Ken Martin April 16, 2011 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
The Spirit of Pentecost Darris McNeely May 27, 2007 Indianapolis, IN
Why the Blood of Christ? Kevin Call March 26, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
The Need for God's Spirit Fred Nance June 12, 2016 Little Rock, AR
Christ's Return: Being Ready Kevin Call September 9, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
How Can You Prepare for What Lies Ahead? Part 1 Roy Holladay June 22, 2013 Chattanooga, TN
Keeping the Feast for the Right Reasons Darris McNeely September 30, 2006 Ft. Wayne, IN