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Lets Make 2022 a Year of Possibilities Robert Coser March 12, 2022 Greensboro, NC
Keeping God Relevant Robert Dick August 11, 2007 Cincinnati East, OH
Are You Keeping the Sabbath Holy Ed Dowd June 6, 2015 Oklahoma City, OK; Wichita, KS
Thoughts of the Mind Ellis La Ravia June 2, 2012 Tucson, AZ; El Paso, TX
How to Prove God's Word Is Truth Gordon Brauchla February 15, 2014 Indianapolis, IN
Proper Judgment Barry Korthuis October 19, 2013 Tampa, FL
Before Pentecost: What Were They Thinking? Darris McNeely June 12, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH; Cincinnati North, OH; Dayton, OH
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The Lord's Holy Days David Roenspies January 28, 2012 Beloit, WI
How to Apply God's Law Herb Vierra February 16, 2013 Eureka, CA
Faith, Hope and Love Gary Antion February 25, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
The Unpardonable Sin Gary Petty November 12, 2016 Nashville, TN; Austin, TX
In God We Must Trust Gary Nielander December 31, 2016 Indianapolis, IN
The Laying on of Hands: A Physical Sign of a Spiritual Event Craig Scott June 12, 2018 Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Raleigh, NC
The Focus of Jesus Christ's Message and Mission Ray K. Cowan June 29, 2019 Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Five Steps to Grace Darris McNeely August 15, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
The Greatest Reset Tom C. Randle December 26, 2020 Twin Cities, MN
Our Precious Calling Mark Welch June 13, 2015 Dallas, TX
Epistles of John: 2 John and 3 John David Dobson November 19, 2014 Birmingham, AL; Gadsden, AL
Thanksgiving to God Greg Thomas November 24, 2012 Cleveland, OH
If God Had a Cellphone Ed Dowd January 9, 2016 Oklahoma City, OK