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How Strongly Do You Desire the Coming of God's Kingdom? John Elliott September 17, 2012 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ
What Is My Spiritual Condition? Roy Holladay March 8, 2008 Chattanooga, TN
Do You Have the Mark ? Gary Beam April 25, 2020 Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL
The Beginning of the Christian Basic Doctrines Jorge de Campos October 31, 2015 Dallas, TX; Lexington, KY
The Spell of the Kingdom Randy Stiver October 14, 2017 North Canton, OH
The Early Church: Part 1 David Nunn January 27, 2018 Tulsa, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; Salina, KS; Wichita, KS
To Smyrna: Endure Persecution: Churches of Revelation Part 2 Gary Petty November 14, 2020 Nashville, TN
The Malnourished Heart Donald Ward April 25, 2009 Houston, TX
Exodus: The Great Escape Gary Beam March 28, 2015 Birmingham, AL; Gadsden, AL
The Promises of God Stan Hopper February 9, 2013 Tulsa, OK
What Is the True Gospel? Tom Robinson May 10, 2014 Columbia - Fulton, MO
The Corruption of False Worship David D Schreiber December 14, 2013 Southern Minnesota; Cedar Rapids, IA
A Message From God, Part 2 Rick Shabi March 15, 2014 Jacksonville, FL; Ocala, FL; Orlando, FL
Five Encouragers John Elliott December 1, 2007 Phoenix East, AZ
Deuteronomy 23-25: With Pdf Notes Fred Nance February 13, 2021 Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN
Foundational Basis of Marriage, Part 2 Donald Ward June 13, 2009 Houston, TX
Is Your Marriage Shell or Substance? Donald Ward December 31, 2011 East Texas
Psalms 22 Barry Grady April 11, 2015 Dayton, OH
The Dark Side of the Spirit Realm Don McCoy December 17, 2011 Columbia, MD
The Righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees Dan Taylor December 15, 2012 San Jose, CA