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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
Trials Neil E. Lacasse July 15, 2017 Lansing, MI
How to Study "a" Proverb Randy Stiver July 21, 2017 North Canton, OH
Applying God's Law to Evil People: Part 1 Bob Fahey July 22, 2017 Chicago, IL
God Offers Us Choice: God Permits Us the Liberty to Choose God's Authority Dwaine Hudson July 22, 2017 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City, KS; St. Joseph, MO; Topeka, KS
Learn, Live and Love the Truth Barry Howdeshell July 22, 2017 Little Rock, AR
The Role of Jesus Christ and the Holy Days Dennis D Correa July 22, 2017 St. Petersburg, FL
The Holy and the Profane James J Malizia July 22, 2017 Honolulu, HI; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; Petaluma, CA
Jesus Christ a Man of Compassion Dale Yates July 22, 2017 Tampa, FL
Move (Keep Walkin') Kelly Irvin July 22, 2017 Northwest Arkansas
Winnie the Pooh and You Tim Martens July 22, 2017 Northwest Arkansas
The Praise of God: Part 3 - Psalm 116 Frank Fish July 22, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
Blessed Are the Peacemakers Part 1: Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Shall Be Called the Sons of God David D Schreiber July 22, 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA; La Crosse, WI
The Promise of a Coming Kingdom Craig Scott July 22, 2017 Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC
The Importance of Godly Meditation Mark Sappington July 22, 2017 Houston, TX
Husbands Love Your Wives: How Do Men Do This? Fred Reeves July 22, 2017 Portland, OR
Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord? Jason Nitzberg July 22, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
Have You Been Saved? Chris Rowland July 22, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
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The Effect Lying Has Upon Us Russell Shelton July 22, 2017 Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC
Marriage God's Way Daniel Rich July 22, 2017 Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC
What Is Meant by Intercessory Prayer? Ken Martin July 22, 2017 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia