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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
The Nature of God David Metzel July 29, 2017 Cincinnati North, OH
An Amazing Life of Commitment Robert L. Dunham July 29, 2017 Detroit, MI
Was the Devils Name Lucifer? Ronald A. Bell July 29, 2017 Buffalo, NY
Be Gifted in the Mind of Christ Rick Beam July 29, 2017 Huntsville, AL
How Much Is a Pearl Really Worth? Herb Clardy July 29, 2017 Lubbock, TX
Once Saved, Always Saved? Ward Shamblin July 29, 2017 Lubbock, TX
Summertime - Preparing for Harvest Jim Ford July 29, 2017 Albuquerque, NM
Staying Prepared for Spiritual War Braden Veller July 29, 2017 Gadsden, AL
Exposing the Hollywood Medium Elliott Brice July 29, 2017 Dallas, TX
Building and Maintaining Faith Frank McCrady July 29, 2017 Dallas, TX
Harbinger of the Coming Beast Power John LaBissoniere July 29, 2017 Kingsport, TN; Knoxville, TN; London, KY
What Is the Purpose of Prophecy David Nunn July 29, 2017 Oklahoma City, OK
A Positive Outlook and Expectation Paul Moody July 29, 2017 Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Spokane, WA
Signs of the Times Stan Hopper July 29, 2017 Tulsa, OK
C1c vs C2c Bruce Anderson July 29, 2017 Twin Cities, MN
Face of an Angel Rick Shabi July 29, 2017 Jacksonville, FL
How Can We Spiritually Thrive at the End of the Age? Randy D'Alessandro August 5, 2017 Chicago, IL
We Need God's Blessings Joshua Creech August 5, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
The Value of God's Law Aaron Dean August 5, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
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Why Evil? Christopher Shude August 5, 2017 Flint, MI