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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Genesis - the First 2000 Years Jorge de Campos January 11, 2020 Louisville, KY
The Pattern of the Tabernacle Justin Massie January 11, 2020 Bethlehem, PA
The Nature of Godly Submission: Part 1 Brian Shaw January 11, 2020 Duluth, MN; Twin Cities, MN
The Lamp of the Body Barry Korthuis January 11, 2020 Denver, CO
The Journey From Discouragement to Encouragement Ed Emery January 11, 2020 Salem, OR
Your Comfort Zone and the Power of God's Spirit Bruce Hansen January 11, 2020 Salem, OR
Living Sacrifice, Your Reasonable Service John Murphy January 11, 2020 Seattle, WA
Prepare to Not Be a Foolish Virgin Ray Roberts January 11, 2020 Garden Grove, CA
Five Great Truths Mario Seiglie January 11, 2020 Garden Grove, CA
Wisdom Is Justified by Her Children Randy Stiver January 10, 2020 North Canton, OH
Getting to Know the Lord God Who Spoke John Miller January 4, 2020 North Canton, OH
Heroes of Faith Ron Barker January 4, 2020 Dayton, OH
Isaiah Chapters 11-12: God, His Plan, and His People Are Victorious! Randy D'Alessandro January 4, 2020 Chicago, IL
Communication With God: The Purpose of Prayer Andy Duran January 4, 2020 Chicago, IL
What Is Our Reasonable Service? Ken Loucks January 4, 2020 Portland, OR
Why Do We War? David Nunn January 4, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK
Our Anchor of Hope: God's Promise of the Resurrection Joe Dobson January 4, 2020 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City; St. Joseph, MO; Topeka, KS
Confession: a Spiritual Tool Tim Pebworth January 4, 2020 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
The Faith of Christ: Author and Finisher of Faith Galen Morrison January 4, 2020 Beloit, WI
The 4th Commandment Dan Taylor January 4, 2020 Lubbock, TX