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Lessons From Elisha's Life, Part 5 Shawn Cortelyou August 17, 2013 Munster, IN; Elkhart, IN
The Government People Desire Mike Miller December 17, 2011 Phoenix East, AZ
Romans 4: the Faith of Abraham: Part 15 Sam Sweat January 7, 2017 Dallas, TX
Peace Sam Sweat August 25, 2012 Dallas, TX
Signs of a One-World Government Coming Rex Sexton October 20, 2019 Bend-Redmond, Oregon 2019
1 Peter Donald Ward April 12, 2014 East Texas
The Power of the Tongue and Our Words David D Schreiber September 3, 2016 Southern Minnesota
Responsibilities of a Father Frank McCrady October 5, 2013 Dayton, OH
Job Series, Part 2: Meeting Job's Friends Sam Sweat December 24, 2011 Dallas, TX
Exodus 12 and Its Controversies Don Hooser April 25, 2020 Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX
Build on the One Foundation Roy Holladay January 15, 2011 Chattanooga, TN
Don't Forget the Example of Ancient Israel Roy Holladay April 15, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Defending the Faith: The Basics of Apologetics Randy Stiver November 23, 2009 Cincinnati East, OH; Dayton, OH
Spiritual Combat: The War of Overcoming Ken Martin February 19, 2011 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
There Are No Bad Neighborhoods Victor Kubik October 10, 2020 Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2020
Christmas Randy Schreiber December 16, 2006 Albuquerque, NM
The Church's One Foundation Donald Ward December 25, 2010 Houston, TX
See the Future: From Dust to Divine Roy Holladay October 4, 2007 North Canton, OH
Finding the Fundamentals in the Word of God John Miller February 18, 2012 North Canton, OH
Needy Men, Needy Women Howard Davis August 9, 2014 New York City, NY