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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Revelation, Part 6: The Crown of Righteousness Randy Schreiber April 10, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
Stick to the Trunk of the Tree Don Hooser April 10, 2010 Burlington, WA
Is Your Worship Wandering? Ken Martin April 10, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
Strengths of the United Church of God Roy Holladay April 10, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
Building a Spiritual Ark Ed Dowd April 10, 2010 Wichita, KS; Phoenix East, AZ
How the Church Functions Mario Seiglie April 10, 2010 Orange County, CA
The Beautiful Attitudes John McClain April 5, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
Removing the Things That Don't Belong Melvin Parks April 5, 2010 Charlotte, NC
Lessons from Three Miracles David Mills April 5, 2010 Raleigh, NC
Life from Beginning to End Jim Ford April 5, 2010 Albuquerque, NM
God's Holy Days: Slavery, Freedom, and Unleavened Bread Philip Aust April 5, 2010 Atlanta, GA
Jesus: The True Unleavend Bread Tom M Damour April 5, 2010 Lubbock, TX
Are You Easily Offended? William Vernich April 5, 2010 Nashville, TN
Judge Me, O God Tim Franke April 5, 2010 Nashville, TN
Your Red Sea Experience Steve Buchanan April 5, 2010 Tucson, AZ
Godly Change Vernon Hargrove April 5, 2010 Columbus, OH
Follow Our Savior and Overcome the Adversary Randy Stiver April 5, 2010 Columbus, OH
Crossing Your Red Sea Darris McNeely April 5, 2010 Indianapolis, IN
The Unleavened Bread of Truth Victor Kubik April 5, 2010 Indianapolis, IN
What You Can Expect of God and What God Expects of You Ralph Helge April 5, 2010 Los Angeles, CA