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Is God Your Leader? Donald Ward November 17, 2012 Houston, TX
Overcome the Leaven of Selfishness Mark Welch April 13, 2012 Tulsa, OK
Five Distinct Steps in Israel's Departure From God Frank McCrady December 10, 2011 Dayton, OH
How to Obey Galen Morrison October 26, 2013 Beloit, WI
Time Belongs to God Lomax Morris January 27, 2018 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
When Christ Brings a Sword Paul Moody June 15, 2019 Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Clearwater Valley, ID; Spokane, WA
The Culture of Camaraderie Randy Stiver November 23, 2013 Cincinnati East, OH
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The Majesty of the Mountains John Miller February 2, 2013 North Canton, OH
Salvation for All Mankind: The Last Great Day Pictures a Time When All Humans Who Never Knew God Will Have Their Opportunity for Salvation Robert Dick October 1, 2018 Branson, Missouri 2018
From the Pit's to the Palace, Lessons From Joseph Carl Kinsella January 4, 2020 Salem, OR
Eternal Judgment, Part 3 Randy Schreiber January 31, 2009 Albuquerque, NM
The Goodness of God Les Cheesman September 17, 2011 Columbia, MD
Works and Fruit of the Holy Spirit Donald Ward June 29, 2019 Laurel, MS
If I Were the Devil Rob Slocum January 11, 2020 Seattle, WA
Discipline Is for Everyone Joshua Creech October 31, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
Preventing and Keeping Sin out of Our Lives Donald Ward March 31, 2018 East Texas
Judaism: the Religion of the Jews Part 3 Ken Loucks November 17, 2018 Portland, OR
Matthew 10, Part 2: Christ's Second Discourse Gary Smith January 17, 2015 Houston, TX
Endurance John Cafourek March 3, 2012 Salem, OR; Burlington, WA
Pentecost: The New Mind, a Spiritual Creation Donald Ward June 4, 2017 East Texas