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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Disaster in Three Acts Jonathan Fahey March 7, 2020 Dallas, TX
7 Statements of Christ at the Crucifixion Kevin Call March 7, 2020 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Baptisms and the Laying on of Hands Steve Buchanan March 7, 2020 El Paso, TX; Sierra Vista, AZ; Tucson, AZ
Christ the Cornerstone Elias Vazquez March 7, 2020 Hartford, CT
Rejecting the Hostile Heart Jerald Kliewer March 7, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK
Who Is Our Teacher?: Striving to Be Like Our Teacher Joe Dobson March 7, 2020 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City
How to React to a Plague? the Way You Should Always Be Acting: Biblical Principles of Health and Hygiene Rod Foster March 7, 2020 San Antonio, TX
Repetition Johnnie Lambert March 7, 2020 Buffalo, NY
Unleavened Bread Johnnie Lambert March 7, 2020 Buffalo, NY
Learning to Trust God W. Fred Crow March 7, 2020 Eureka, CA
The New Testament Passover Symbols: Part 1 of 2 Shawn Cortelyou March 7, 2020 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
Letting Go of Our Will Doug Wendt March 7, 2020 Tampa, FL
Baptism and the Days of Unleavened Bread Mike Fike March 7, 2020 St. Petersburg, FL
The Apostle Paul and the Biblical Holy Days Craig Scott March 7, 2020 Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Raleigh, NC
Doors Derek Strauss March 7, 2020 Lawton, OK
When and Why Did God Plan for Our Forgiveness?: Preparing for Passover Greg Thomas March 7, 2020 Cleveland, OH
God Is Not the Author of Boredom Ken Martin March 7, 2020 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
A Passover Like None Before Rick Shabi March 7, 2020 Orlando, FL
Coronavirus and You: Sermon Paul E Mez March 7, 2020 Laurel, MS; New Orleans, LA
Israel's First Passover, Part 2 Gary Smith March 7, 2020 Houston, TX