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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Love Covers a Multitude of Sins Chevy Vulchev November 16, 2019 Lawton, OK
Fear and Worry Frank McCrady November 16, 2019 Lawton, OK
Free Will in Choosing Eternal Life: Choosing Daily to Live in God's Family Forever Joe Dobson November 16, 2019 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City; St. Joseph, MO; Topeka, KS
The Loneliness Epidemic Ben Light November 16, 2019 Salem, OR
Never Mix Error With Truth David Chornomaz November 16, 2019 Hartford, CT
Faith: Victory Over This World Mario Seiglie November 16, 2019 Garden Grove, CA
Godly Misfits: Fitting In Rick Beam November 16, 2019 Rome, GA
God’s Feasts of Love Frederick Kellers November 16, 2019 Nashville, TN
How Is Your Faith? Dan Preston November 16, 2019 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
How to Have a Cheerful Heart Joel Thomas November 16, 2019 Garden Grove, CA
Building Your House on the Rock Rob Slocum November 16, 2019 Seattle, WA
Being Civil Amid Incivility Ted Budge November 10, 2019 Los Angeles, CA
Methods of Teaching and Learning Pt 2: Being a Priest Requires Us to Be Teachers Barry Grady November 9, 2019 Dayton, OH
Seeking the Will of God David Fitch November 9, 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
How Do You Spend Your Time? Rudy Rangel November 9, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
How Do We “stir Up” God’s Holy Spirit? Randy D'Alessandro November 9, 2019 Chicago, IL
Our Family Introduction Andy Duran November 9, 2019 Chicago, IL
Spiritual Starvation Troy Phelps November 9, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
Isaiah 58 Rex Sexton November 9, 2019 Portland, OR
The Riches of Contentment Ed Emery November 9, 2019 Salem, OR