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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Faith Mark Regoord July 2, 2011 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
Put Your Trust in God and Not Men William F. Brown July 2, 2011 Atlanta, GA
Godly Governance, Part 2 Steven Shafer July 2, 2011 Burlington, WA
Four Vital Keys to Godly Relationships Mark Welch July 2, 2011 Tulsa, OK
Some Thoughts on Worship Mike Miller July 2, 2011 Phoenix East, AZ
Message From the Mount of Olives Don McCoy July 2, 2011 Columbia, MD
The Relevant Church Tim Franke July 2, 2011 Nashville, TN
What Now? Randy Schreiber July 2, 2011 Albuquerque, NM
God's Great Commission: Preach the Gospel to All Creation Andy Diemer July 2, 2011 Cleveland, OH
Growing Godly Love Roy Holladay July 2, 2011 Chattanooga, TN
Vessels Chuck Zimmerman July 2, 2011 Tampa, FL
The Compact of the Gospel Jonathan Garnant July 2, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
Independence, Dependence and Interdependence Donald Ward July 2, 2011 East Texas
Christ Reveals the Father Tom M Damour July 2, 2011 Dallas, TX
What Is Christian Patriotism? Randy D'Alessandro July 2, 2011 Ann Arbor, MI
Preach the Gospel Frank Dunkle July 2, 2011 Prestonsburg, KY
Keep Things in Order Gary Smith July 2, 2011 Prestonsburg, KY
Are You Truly a Christian Soldier? Jim Tuck July 2, 2011 San Jose, CA
Setting Things in Order Gary Smith July 2, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
Preaching the Gospel Frank Dunkle July 2, 2011 Portsmouth, OH