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Learning to Be a Discerning Judge David Love June 12, 2010 Bend, OR
The Nature and Potential of Man John Miller March 3, 2012 North Canton, OH
Responsibility of Parents and Children Rod Foster May 27, 2017 San Antonio, TX
Why Fast and Why Fast Now? Mike Blencowe April 15, 2017 Kingsport, TN; Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Your Prism Ken Loucks November 5, 2016 Medford, OR; Bend, OR
Bible Study: 1 Timothy 4 and 5 Peter Eddington, Steve Myers November 16, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
Preaching the Gospel in Times of Peril John Miller September 15, 2012 North Canton, OH
Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth: The Characteristics of God's People Ralph Redline July 2, 2016 Lawton, OK
We Will Rule With Him Galen Morrison November 12, 2011 Wisconsin Dells, WI
Bible Study - the King of the South Rex Sexton October 14, 2011 Maui, Hawaii 2011
Why Church Mike Fike December 29, 2012 St. Petersburg, FL
Harmony of the Gospels, Part 24: Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in-Law, Tours Galilee, Heals a Leper Scott Ashley December 21, 2013 Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO
Taking Delivery, Part 3 John Miller May 19, 2013 North Canton, OH
Kingdom of God and the Sabbath, Part 1 and 2 Randy Schreiber June 8, 2013 Phoenix East, AZ
The Man of Sin Revealed Jorge de Campos February 13, 2016 Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY
Wisdom From Above, and Wisdom From Beneith Tom Damour October 14, 2011 Galveston, Texas 2011
How Do We Handle Life's Situations? Randy Schreiber May 15, 2010 Albuquerque, NM
Harmony of the Gospels, Part 23: Jesus Chooses Four, Heals a Possessed Man, Teaches With Authority Scott Ashley November 16, 2013 Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO
A Place for Repentance Brian Shaw March 19, 2011 Twin Cities, MN
The Crown of Life Galen Morrison April 10, 2015 Beloit, WI