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The Unleavened Bread of Sincerity and Truth Aaron Creech March 31, 2018 Lehigh Valley, PA
What Kind of Person Are You? Randy Urwiller July 20, 2019 East Texas
Healing: What the Scriptures Teach Greg Thomas August 3, 2013 Cleveland, OH
Examining Our Habits Jim Moody April 9, 2016 Northwest Arkansas; East Texas
In 2016, Is God Working to Choose the Next President? Braden Veller March 12, 2016 St. Petersburg, FL; Tallahassee, FL
Discerning the Body of Christ Gerald Seelig July 11, 2015 Dayton, OH
The Covenants, Part 3: Established on Better Promises Roc Corbett March 5, 2016 Olympia, WA; Tacoma, WA
Babylon in Prophecy Jim Tuck December 5, 2015 San Jose, CA
What Does the Lord Require of You? John Miller November 19, 2011 North Canton, OH
True Religion Dick Close February 19, 2011 Elmira, NY
Chapter 19: The Book of Revelation - Part 17 Rex Sexton June 9, 2018 Portland, OR
Why Do We Keep the Holy Days? Dan Taylor August 22, 2020 Lubbock, TX
How Does God Define Our Living Sacrifice? Randy D'Alessandro February 13, 2021 Beloit, WI
Keep Yourselves from Idols, Part 2 Brian Shaw April 10, 2015 Twin Cities, MN
Four Major Themes of the Day of Atonement Mark Welch October 12, 2016 Dallas, TX
End Time World Powers Rick Shabi September 16, 2017 Orlando, FL
Plan to Survive ~ Plan to Endure Roc Corbett June 13, 2020 Olympia, WA; Tacoma, WA
Dancing With the Scars: 8th Day Rex Sexton September 28, 2021 Montego Bay, Jamaica 2021
Bible Study: Ephesians: Chapter 1, Part 1 William Bradford February 5, 2022 Chicago, IL
The Day of the Lord Craig Scott September 15, 2012 Raleigh, NC