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Your Philosophy of Life Donald Ward July 26, 2014 East Texas
Respect Donald Ward June 21, 2014 East Texas
Lessons from the Institution of Marriage Robert H Berendt June 15, 2013 Edmonton
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Eight Days to Prepare W. Fred Crow April 9, 2011 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Knowing When and How to Rejoice Frank Dunkle December 3, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
Recognizing a Father Keith K Haab June 22, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
Why Did Jesus Christ Have to Suffer? Scott Ashley March 2, 2013 Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO
The Missing Dimension of the Gospel Andy Diemer January 14, 2012 North Canton, OH
Knowing God Through His Creation John Elliott September 2, 2006 Phoenix East, AZ
Gnosticism: Twenty Gnostic Heresies Infecting Modern Christianity: Part 2 Don Hooser June 24, 2017 Dallas, TX
The Miracle of Our Calling Randy Stiver December 14, 2019 North Canton, OH
If You Want to Be King, Be a Servant Aaron Dean September 17, 2011 Denver, CO
Are You in a State of Denial? Donald Ward September 1, 2012 East Texas
Are You Easily Offended? Roy Holladay February 3, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
Love and the Law Randy Schreiber April 25, 2011 Phoenix East, AZ
Christ Is Torah Howard Davis April 21, 2014 New York City, NY
Contending for the Faith Jorge de Campos January 9, 2016 Lexington, KY
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Mark Welch September 29, 2011 Tulsa, OK
Let Him Who Glories, Glory in the Lord Robin Webber July 17, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
Freedom of Speech Johnnie Lambert April 18, 2015 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY