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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
Lawlessness Will Not Prevail John LaBissoniere July 4, 2020 Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Don Hooser July 4, 2020 Dallas, TX
Our Day of Independence Gary Snyder July 4, 2020 Orange County, CA
An Eight Cow Wife Dan Hines July 4, 2020 Dallas, TX
God Created You to Be Unique Mark Skapura July 4, 2020 Cleveland, OH
Where Is Your Citizenship? Ken Loucks July 4, 2020 Seattle, WA
Jesus Christ Is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever Donald Turgeon July 4, 2020 Ft. Wayne, IN
What Is the Purpose of the Congregation? Gary Petty July 4, 2020 Nashville, TN
The Kingdom of God: What Is the Kingdom of God? Rick Beam July 4, 2020 Rome, GA
The Way-a Love of Life Mike Miller July 4, 2020 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Independence Day: What Does It Mean to You? Len Martin July 4, 2020 Mansfield, OH
Vision and the Unseen Enemy Marlyn Reamy July 4, 2020 Northern Arizona; Phoenix East, AZ
The Way: a Love of Life Mike Miller July 4, 2020 Northern Arizona; Phoenix East, AZ
David and Saul…a Lesson for All Don McCoy July 4, 2020 Delmarva
Calling God's Apostles Randy Stiver July 10, 2020 North Canton, OH
Characteristics of Salt Barry Grady July 11, 2020 Dayton, OH
God Has Called Us to Proclaim the Good News of the Coming Kingdom of God! Randy D'Alessandro July 11, 2020 Chicago, IL
The Lord's Requirement: To Do Justly Andy Duran July 11, 2020 Chicago, IL
From Saul to Paul: Part 2 of 2 Shawn Cortelyou July 11, 2020 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
Don’t Just ‘endure’, but Endure! Ed Emery July 11, 2020 Salem, OR