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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Fatherhood Greg Thomas June 16, 2012 Cleveland, OH
Who is Your Neighbor and How Do You Treat Them? Robert Zeigler June 16, 2012 Lewistown, PA
Spiritual Focus Larry Walker June 16, 2012 Central Oregon
The Right Kind of Fear Roy Waterhouse June 16, 2012 Columbus, OH
Vital Keys to a Vitalized Marriage, Part 2 Mark Welch June 16, 2012 Tulsa, OK
Running the Race David Evans June 16, 2012 Indianapolis, IN
What Is So Special About the Sabbath? Andy McClain June 16, 2012 Indianapolis, IN
Immortality Larry Sharp June 16, 2012 Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA
Remember Lot's Wife Roland Clark June 16, 2012 Redlands, CA
God's Will for the Body of Christ, Part 12: Dignity, Equality and Unity Robin Webber June 16, 2012 Los Angeles, CA
Development of Character Dwaine Hudson June 16, 2012 Kansas City, KS
Is Unfair... Well, Fair? Bruce Anderson June 16, 2012 Twin Cities, MN
Obadiah: Doom of Edom Because of Arrogant Pride Robert Curry June 16, 2012 Colorado Springs, CO
The Word of the Lord Bob Fahey June 16, 2012 Chicago, IL
Lesson from the Prophets Mark Rorem June 16, 2012 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Our Calling and Our Talents Donald Ward June 16, 2012 East Texas
Share the Vision Frank Dunkle June 16, 2012 Dayton, OH
How Will Jesus Return to Earth? Herb Vierra June 16, 2012 Eureka, CA
Making a Daniel Aaron Dean June 16, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
How to Fellowship Roy Holladay June 16, 2012 Chattanooga, TN