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Doctrine in the Psalms Randy Stiver February 20, 2016 Wheeling, WV; North Canton, OH
The End, Part 2: Survival of God's Church John Elliott August 13, 2011 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ
God's Plan of Salvation, Part 2: Overview of the New Covenant John Elliott March 22, 2014 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ
Rising Above This World Mark Regoord April 20, 2019 Anchorage, AK
The Called, Chosen and Faithful David D Schreiber February 22, 2020 La Crosse, WI
Hallow God's Name Jim Mann November 16, 2013 Northwest Arkansas; Tulsa, OK
The Importance of the Spiritual Family Randy Schreiber September 15, 2007 Albuquerque, NM
God's Holy Days: We Will Be Alone No More - The Fall Feasts Philip Aust September 22, 2012 Atlanta, GA
Is Unfair... Well, Fair? Bruce Anderson June 16, 2012 Twin Cities, MN
Satan's Devices Can Keep Us From the Kingdom Jim Tuck February 14, 2015 San Francisco Bay Area, CA; San Jose, CA
Capture Every Thought W. Fred Crow March 26, 2011 Eureka, CA
Do Not Be Deceived Doug Wendt March 1, 2014 Jacksonville, FL; Orlando, FL
The Changing of the Guard David D Schreiber September 13, 2014 Cedar Rapids, IA
The Last Great Day and Its Motivation Shawn Cortelyou October 24, 2016 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2016
Sin Is Progressive Frank McCrady March 28, 2021 Lawton, OK
Ministry of Reconciliation, Part 3 Gary Petty April 23, 2011 San Antonio, TX
The Role of Parents Rearing Children Ken Martin August 16, 2014 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
Essentials for Taking the Passover Donald Ward March 10, 2012 East Texas
The Mystery of the Gospel Andy Diemer February 11, 2012 North Canton, OH
In the Presence of God Jim Moody August 19, 2017 Tulsa, OK