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The Most Dangerous Weapon Ryan McNeely August 22, 2015 Indianapolis, IN
The Importance of Godly Wisdom Dan McGee December 15, 2012 Phoenix East, AZ
Our Legacy Stephen Kennedy December 6, 2014 Phoenix East, AZ
Rejoice!: A Solution Is Coming Ray K. Cowan September 30, 2015 Jekyll Island, Georgia 2015
The Holy Spirit Teaches Us Through the Word of God Frank Fish May 19, 2018 Los Angeles, CA
The Art and Process of Becoming You: Choosing Life Michael Gitter August 17, 2019 Milwaukee, WI
God’s Purpose for Humans Randy Schreiber February 6, 2016 Phoenix East, AZ
Why Today? Robert Nettles January 14, 2012 Phoenix East, AZ
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Stephen Tuck October 5, 2013 Phoenix East, AZ
Psalm 16 Lomax Morris March 4, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
The Doorstep of Pentecost: Where Should Our Minds Be Focused? Guy Burke June 3, 2017 Lawton, OK
Thy Kingdom Come Joe Horchak October 14, 2014 Oceanside, California 2014
Love and Service, Part 2 Daniel Salcedo November 18, 2017 Orange County, CA
Building Faith: A Two-Step Process Nathan Ekama May 18, 2013 Phoenix East, AZ
Building a Decent Society Rex Spears September 24, 2013 Maui, Hawaii 2013
Para Bellum: Prepare for War Knute Josifek November 14, 2020 San Diego, CA
A Temple on Mount Zion Mark Graham December 14, 2013 Cleveland, OH
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Jeff Brooks February 6, 2016 San Antonio, TX
As a Man Thinks MARK SMITH January 24, 2015 Tulsa, OK
To Be a Christ Like Ruler Dan Taylor October 12, 2014 Oceanside, California 2014