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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Do You Reverence and Fear the Word of God? Ken Martin February 5, 2011 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
Prepare to Stand Before the Son of Man Chuck Zimmerman February 5, 2011 Tampa, FL; St. Petersburg, FL
God's Love for All Mankind Galen Morrison February 5, 2011 Beloit, WI
The Mind of Christ Ray Wright January 29, 2011 Dallas, TX
God = Law = Love = Life: We Can Partake of the Essence of God Donald Ward January 29, 2011 Houston, TX
Barnabas Lee Massie January 29, 2011 Lewistown, PA
Decline and Fall of Nations Robert Zeigler January 29, 2011 Lewistown, PA
Time: A Present Gift from God Keith K Haab January 29, 2011 Ann Arbor, MI
By His Grace Ellis La Ravia January 29, 2011 Tucson, AZ
The King of the South Darris McNeely January 29, 2011 Indianapolis, IN
Lest We Forget Gordon Hannaway January 29, 2011 Tampa, FL
New Covenant Realities and Christian Responsibilities, Part 3: The Sabbath Robin Webber January 29, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
Crisis Spells Opportunity Randy Stiver January 29, 2011 Wheeling, WV
Moving Forward Under God's Power Joe Dobson January 29, 2011 Kansas City, KS
Lest We Forget Gordon Hannaway January 29, 2011 St. Petersburg, FL
Psalm 119: Focus on God's Law William Hewitt January 29, 2011 Chicago, IL
Lessons from the Geese Robert Coser January 29, 2011 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
The Road Not Taken, Part 1 Howard Baker January 29, 2011 East Texas
Unity of the Brethren Frank McCrady January 29, 2011 Dayton, OH
Weightier Matters of the Law, Part 1: Judgment Brian Shaw January 29, 2011 Beloit, WI