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Pilgrims on the Earth Robin Webber October 6, 2018 Redlands, CA
The Importance of Faith Stan Hopper January 4, 2014 Northwest Arkansas
The Rise of Modern Rome Tom M Damour July 25, 2015 Lubbock, TX
What Is so Bad About Valentines Day? David D Schreiber February 14, 2015 La Crosse, WI
Trumpets: Precursor to the Feast of Ingathering Ken Martin September 29, 2011 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
Discern Between Leavened and Unleavened Steve Buchanan April 20, 2019 El Paso, TX; Tucson, AZ
God’s World or Satan’s World. Which? Randy Stiver September 12, 2020 North Canton, OH
Self-Improvement Keith Wilson April 26, 2014 Pittsburgh, PA
Have You Seen the Vision Yet? Dael Baughman April 14, 2012 East Texas
The Lord's Dwelling Place Bart Bornhorst May 25, 2013 Dayton, OH; Ft. Wayne, IN
Africa in Prophecy - the Glory to Come Frederick Kellers October 8, 2006 Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2006
Difficult Scriptures of Galatians Dan Dowd February 13, 2021 Milwaukee, WI
What Does Holiness Mean to Us: Holiness, Part 1 Gary Petty March 29, 2014 San Antonio, TX
From Dirt to Destiny: Fundamental Belief 16 David Nunn August 22, 2015 Oklahoma City, OK
Woman, Mother, Child of God Joe Handley May 11, 2013 Columbus, OH
What Does the Torn Curtain Mean to You? Bob Orosz August 23, 2014 St. Petersburg, FL
Creating an Environment for Growth in Your Home Rick Shabi June 7, 2014 Jacksonville, FL; Ocala, FL; Orlando, FL
Bringing Our Best Before God Mark Regoord June 21, 2014 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
Armor of God Part 1 David D Schreiber June 1, 2013 La Crosse, WI
Remaining Unleavened David D Schreiber April 10, 2015 La Crosse, WI