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Breaking Down Strongholds Oliver Hooser September 16, 2017 Dallas, TX
Do Not Be Deceived: Jelly Style Mike Cook June 26, 2021 Cincinnati East, OH
Living a Godly and Honorable Life Jim Rogers October 2, 2012 Bend, Oregon 2012
Journey to the Kingdom Roy Jackson March 17, 2018 Northwest Arkansas
Wave or Ocean Dan Apartian October 31, 2020 Central Illinois
Focus Forward Tom Charles September 27, 2021 Lancaster, Pennsylvania 2021
Kneeling Before God Stephen Richardson August 23, 2014 Redlands, CA
Leadership Ewin Barnett February 18, 2012 Columbia - Fulton, MO
The Olivet Parables Sandy Beattie February 22, 2014 San Diego, CA
Patience Johnnie Lambert December 6, 2014 Elmira, NY
Where Are You? Gary Johnson September 23, 2010 Bend, Oregon 2010
Hastening to the Kingdom Ron Davenport September 23, 2013 Jamaica 2013
The Table of the Lord and the Table of Demons Anthony Scott February 9, 2019 Northwest Arkansas
The Boy King Greg Sanny January 25, 2020 Northwest Arkansas
Satan Will Be Bound Stephen Richardson September 27, 2014 Redlands, CA
Preeminence of Christ John McClain April 17, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH; Cincinnati North, OH; Dayton, OH
Keeping Our Word to Others Paul Shemet August 5, 2017 Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Redlands, CA
Find so Doing Andy Duran September 30, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH; Cincinnati North, OH; Dayton, OH
Remembering Your Baptism as You Near the Passover Ronald Benjamin Bell March 13, 2021 Buffalo, NY
Do Not Fear, Only Believe Rudy Rangel III July 30, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH