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Facing Evil Jack Demirgian September 26, 2021 Bend-Redmond, Oregon 2021
Lessons from the Arbors Jonathan Beam March 1, 2014 Atlanta, GA
Lessons of Thanksgiving Stephen Richardson November 22, 2014 Redlands, CA
The Power of God Raymond Kaping February 27, 2016 Lawton, OK
Lessons from the Arbors Jonathan Beam March 1, 2014 Atlanta, GA
What Is Love? Ronald Benjamin Bell November 23, 2019 Buffalo, NY
Children of God Kelly Irvin February 24, 2018 Northwest Arkansas
Jesus Last Words Lee Massie January 8, 2022 Northern Virginia
The Pride of Virtuosity Brian Hoselton July 26, 2014 Columbia - Fulton, MO
The Sabbath: God's Gift to Man Francis Trevor Marrast July 30, 2016 New York City, NY
Lessons from Evia Brian Damour September 10, 2016 Dallas, TX
The Seed of God Bill Wassner October 12, 2019 Orange County, CA
From Resentment to Reconciliation Mark Helseth August 22, 2020 Sioux Falls, SD
God Will See Us Through David Rains February 6, 2021 Bangor, ME; Saratoga Springs, NY; Southern New Hampshire; Worcester, MA; Worcester, MA
A Caring Heart Is Important Bryan Efimov December 25, 2021 Dallas, TX
Golf and Christian Living Mike Douthett July 14, 2018 Orange County, CA
Fervent Prayer Johnnie Lambert February 2, 2019 Buffalo, NY
Called, Chosen, Faithful Michael Fike October 15, 2019 Jekyll Island, Georgia 2019
Living an Unleavened Life Kelly Irvin April 9, 2020 Northwest Arkansas
And Your Heart Will Rejoice Ryan McNeely June 13, 2020 Indianapolis, IN