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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
The Sixteen Words John LaBissoniere January 15, 2022 Dayton, OH
Congregation Goals for 2022 William Bradford January 15, 2022 Chicago, IL
The Underdog Mike Cook January 15, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH
Water Baptism (Pt. 1)--History and Origin David Nunn January 15, 2022 Oklahoma City, OK
God’s Reason for Only Heterosexual Marriage Peter Eddington January 15, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH
When the Sabbath Was Made and Why? John Miller January 15, 2022 North Canton, OH
The Two Step Chuck Smith January 15, 2022 Vero Beach, FL
Sifted Like Wheat W. Fred Crow January 15, 2022 Eureka, CA
Building on Our Relationship With God Shawn Cortelyou January 15, 2022 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
Gifts of Spiritual Senses Galen Morrison January 15, 2022 Beloit, WI
Do You Live the Real You? Patrick McKee January 15, 2022 Houston, TX
How to Do the Will of God Frank McCrady January 15, 2022 East Texas
Work: a Gift and Blessing From God Paul E Janosko January 15, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Ministry Is a Calling Jorge de Campos January 15, 2022 Lexington, KY
Understanding Judgements Aaron Alles January 15, 2022 Portland, OR
Fear God, Not the King Stuart Kelly January 15, 2022 Portland, OR
I Timothy, Part 3 Gary Smith January 12, 2022 Houston, TX
Book of Isaiah Bible Study - Part 7 Donald Ward January 12, 2022 East Texas
Book of Revelation Bible Study 12 Jorge de Campos January 12, 2022 Lexington, KY
Fundamental Belief: the Festivals of God Steven Britt January 9, 2022 Northern Virginia