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Title Speaker Datesort descending Congregation(s) Length
What to Do on a Sabbath Justin Massie December 18, 2021 Lehigh Valley, PA
The Preeminence of Agape Love: Agape Love Series Part 1 Gary Petty December 18, 2021 Murfreesboro, TN; Nashville, TN
The Power of Personal Example in Preaching the Gospel Greg Thomas December 18, 2021 Cleveland, OH
Let There Be Light Robert D Cupp December 18, 2021 San Jose, CA
Planning for the Future Len Martin December 18, 2021 Columbus, OH
Steps of Happiness Doug Wendt December 18, 2021 Tampa, FL
Do You Worship the Creation Over the Creator? Chad Benedict December 18, 2021 Dallas, TX
Living in Unity Dan Dowd December 18, 2021 Milwaukee, WI
Just Weights and Measures Joe Horton December 18, 2021 Mansfield, OH
A Look at Laodicea Gary Beam December 18, 2021 Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Tupelo, MS
The Olivet Prophecy Don Hooser December 18, 2021 Dallas, TX
Our Spiritual Growth and Our Spiritual Family John Paul Jones December 18, 2021 Nashville, TN
Being a Light in a Dark World Matthew McDonald December 18, 2021 Fort Worth, TX
Fear of God, Humility and Honoring Others Charles J. Williams December 18, 2021 Seattle, WA; Sequim, WA
Book of Isaiah Bible Study - Part 6 Donald Ward December 22, 2021 East Texas
Bible Study No 10 of Revelation: Rev 3:14 - 22 - the Letter to Laodicea Jorge de Campos December 22, 2021 Lexington, KY
Aaron: the Saint of the Lord: Part 2 John May December 25, 2021 Chicago, IL
Law: Past, Present, and Future Barry Grady December 25, 2021 Dayton, OH
When Was Jesus Actually Born? Randy Stiver December 25, 2021 Sioux Falls, SD; Watertown, SD
Lessons From Miracles: Learning From God's Works Jim Kocher December 25, 2021 St. Petersburg, FL