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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Transhumanism: Man’s Desire to Be God Joel Hargarten July 16, 2022 Las Vegas, NV; Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA
Grounded in the Faith Through Bible Study Fred Nance July 16, 2022 Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN
Becoming Sons and Daughters of God Dan Preston July 16, 2022 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
Refined Through Trials Ernest Grier July 16, 2022 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
Sexual Ethics: An Introduction Sam Sweat July 16, 2022 Dallas, TX
Patient Continuance, Part 2 Rick Shabi July 16, 2022 Orlando, FL
Enemies of Faith Skeets Mez July 16, 2022 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
God's Sabbath Day Francis Trevor Marrast July 16, 2022 Manhattan, NY; New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
Sabbath Expectations Ed Dowd July 16, 2022 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Seek First the Kingdom of God Stephen R Russo July 16, 2022 Northern Virginia
The Work of God - Living Faith Ray Clore July 16, 2022 Northern Virginia
The Place of Safety Dan Dowd July 16, 2022 Milwaukee, WI
How Does God Deal With Our Repeated Failures: What Do We Do When We Strike Out? Doug Knuckles July 16, 2022 Cincinnati North, OH
Bible Study No 31 of Revelation: Review of the Resurrections. Rev 20:13-15 - Death and Hades Jorge de Campos July 13, 2022 Lexington, KY
Life Is Sacred Jay Ledbetter July 9, 2022 London, KY
Learning From Adam & Eve What Not to Do Dave Hemsley July 9, 2022 Dayton, OH
Exodus 34:6: God of Mercy Clint Porter July 9, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH
Loyalty! David Taylor July 9, 2022 Ocala, FL
Truth, the Absolute Standard Neftali DeLeon July 9, 2022 Ocala, FL
God's Purpose for Creating Mankind William Bradford July 9, 2022 Munster, IN; Beloit, WI; Chicago, IL