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The Kingdom of God Lomax Morris June 28, 2014 New York City, NY
Prophecy and the Church of God Ken Martin June 23, 2018 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
Christian Spring Holy Days Frank Dunkle April 20, 2019 Lexington, KY
Recapturing Our True Value Brian Shaw June 29, 2019 Milwaukee, WI
America's Roots Rick Shabi July 6, 2019 Orlando, FL
Book of Jeremiah - Part 18: Bible Study Donald Ward July 21, 2021 East Texas
The Model Prayer and the Ten Commandments Tim Martens June 11, 2022 Northwest Arkansas
The Three C's Donald Ward May 28, 2011 Houston, TX
The History of the Devil Tim Martens September 23, 2015 Northwest Arkansas
Building of the Temple of God Victor Kubik January 3, 2015 Los Angeles, CA
Paul's Suffering in Christ's Service Joe Dobson June 13, 2015 Kansas City, KS
How Ready Are We? Part 2: Fighting the Right Fight Brian Shaw January 4, 2014 Twin Cities, MN
Want to Be King? Be a Servant Aaron Dean February 26, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
Cowards and Courage Freeman L. Kuhns November 3, 2018 North Canton, OH
The Mystery of the Woman John LaBissoniere July 14, 2018 Kingsport, TN; Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Drifting Away Rick Shabi November 7, 2020 Orlando, FL
The Foolishness of Preaching Donald Ward March 20, 2021 East Texas
Bible Study No 24 of Revelation: Rev 15 and 16 - the Seven Last Plagues and Earthquakes Jorge de Campos May 11, 2022 Lexington, KY
What Is Our Motivation? Mark Sappington April 18, 2015 Houston, TX
Familiar Failures, Part 1 David Dobson December 21, 2013 Birmingham, AL; Gadsden, AL