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The Secret to Being First and the Greatest Carl Kinsella February 1, 2020 Salem, OR
Of Love & Redemption: A Time of Reflection & Repentance Culminating in Rejoicing! David Mörker September 8, 2020 Eau Claire, WI
Beyond the Darkness: God’s New World John LaBissoniere October 5, 2020 Pewaukee, Wisconsin 2020
The Gospel in the Old Testament Ed Dowd December 26, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Arise Lift Your Skirts and Run John D Crissinger September 27, 2021 North Canton, OH; Sugarcreek, OH
Biblical Term of Salvation Roy Holladay January 11, 2003 Cincinnati East, OH
Following God, Not Men David Roenspies April 1, 2013 Beloit, WI
Preparing for the Kingdom Don McCoy October 1, 2011 Columbia, MD
Prayer Joshua Creech March 9, 2019 Nashville, TN
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Godly Approach to Submitting to Authority Charles J. Williams December 21, 2019 Seattle, WA
The Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ Gary Smith October 12, 2013 Houston, TX
A Light unto the World Jeff Richards November 11, 2006 Central Oregon
The Source of God's Word John Paul Jones November 21, 2015 Jackson, TN
Passover: The Big Picture Gary Smith February 20, 2010 Prestonsburg, KY
Biblical Holy Days: God’s Roadmap to Salvation John Miller May 26, 2012 North Canton, OH
Solomon Stan Martin August 3, 2013 Kingsport, TN
Building Your Relationship With God: A Sense of Urgency Ben Light September 16, 2017 Salem, OR
The Wave Sheaf Rex Sexton April 11, 2020 Portland, OR
Defend or Deny? Shawn Cortelyou June 19, 2021 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
God Is in Christ Reconciling the World to Himself Gary Smith September 16, 2021 Houston, TX