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God's Election Jorge de Campos September 10, 2016 Lexington, KY
Message for the Churches Roy Holladay August 10, 2013 Chattanooga, TN
Maximizing the Benefit of Pentecost John Miller May 16, 2015 North Canton, OH
Third Tithe Johnnie Lambert September 6, 2014 Elmira, NY
True Conversion Jorge de Campos January 11, 2014 Lexington, KY
How Real Is the Kingdom of God? Denny Luker September 23, 2010 Daytona Beach, Florida 2010
This Hope We Have as an Anchor to the Soul Jorge de Campos August 22, 2020 Lexington, KY
Leaving Egypt Behind Gary Smith April 4, 2015 Houston, TX
Unleavened Bread, Part 2: The High Calling of God Ken Martin April 21, 2014 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
The Journeys of the Apostle Paul, Part 2 Rex Sexton November 21, 2015 Portland, OR
The Tale of Two Prophecies Guy Burke February 16, 2013 Lawton, OK
He Who Is in You Is Greater Than He Who Is in the World Rex Sexton June 12, 2016 Salem, OR
Introductory: The Book of Revelation - Part 1 Rex Sexton August 12, 2017 Portland, OR
Military Service and War: Fundamental Belief 14 David Nunn October 24, 2015 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Responding to Disappointment Bob Orosz December 20, 2014 Tampa, FL
Dealing With Conflict Gary Smith August 7, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
True Liberty John Miller April 1, 2013 North Canton, OH
What the Bible Says About Speaking in Tongues Johnnie Lambert June 30, 2012 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
Trumpets - Bringing the Shadow of Death to Light David D Schreiber September 5, 2013 La Crosse, WI
Living God's Truth Randy Urwiller May 20, 2017 East Texas