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Idolatry Has Its Priority Braden Veller April 2, 2011 St. Petersburg, FL
What Is Real Conversion? Part 3 David Roenspies August 22, 2015 Beloit, WI
Setting a Good Example Mike Joseph December 1, 2012 Grand Rapids, MI
You Have Special Gifts: Pass Them On Bill Cowan February 12, 2011 Chattanooga, TN
On This One Will I Look Bart Bornhorst December 6, 2014 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Other Side of the Law Freeman L. Kuhns July 28, 2018 North Canton, OH
The Plagues of Egypt: The Meanings Behind the Plagues Ron Barker April 20, 2019 Dayton, OH
Kingdom-Level Dedication Galen Morrison October 16, 2019 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 2019
Remember the Poor John May December 28, 2019 Chicago, IL
Understanding the Millennium and Beyond From God's Perspective: Bible Study David Fitch October 7, 2020 St. George, Utah 2020
Leprosy and Being Thankful to God Jim Tuck November 21, 2020 Phoenix East, AZ
Leprosy and Being Thankful to God Jim Tuck November 21, 2020 Phoenix East, AZ
Putting Away Sin James Cowell September 26, 2012 San Diego, CA
Life Is a Journey Frank Dunkle July 13, 2013 Portsmouth, OH
Emotional Maturity Roy Holladay April 13, 2013 Chattanooga, TN
God's Work Today Braden Veller February 18, 2017 Tampa, FL
Life at the Extreme Steve Myers October 10, 2014 Panama City Beach, Florida 2014
Why Study Prophecy - Part 2 Randy Stiver May 25, 2018 North Canton, OH
The Times of Ignorance: Part 1 David Nunn July 27, 2019 Tulsa, OK
The Proverb 31 Woman's Husband Jorge de Campos July 18, 2020 Lexington, KY