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Keep Sin from Entering Your Life Donald Ward March 30, 2010 Houston, TX
Living in the House of God Ron Davenport November 8, 2014 Birmingham, AL; Gadsden, AL
The Quality of Meekness John Massie August 22, 2015 York, PA
Laws & Covenants, Part 2: Which Laws should we Keep? Ed Dowd April 13, 2013 Wichita, KS
The Way of Cain Vernon Hargrove July 13, 2013 Columbus, OH
How Should You Appear Before God? Jim Tuck March 12, 2016 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Blessings We Receive Now Frank Dunkle January 11, 2014 Portsmouth, OH
Why Is the Bible Clouded in Mystery? Jim Tuck June 29, 2013 San Jose, CA
Count Our Blessings Now Frank Dunkle January 11, 2014 Prestonsburg, KY
The Incredible Power of Choice John Miller February 15, 2014 North Canton, OH
Submitting to the Righteousness of God Brian Shaw November 3, 2018 Duluth, MN; Twin Cities, MN
Lessons From the Book of Ruth Part 2 Devin Schulz July 30, 2019 Lansing, MI
Spiritual Dangers of Depression Rick Shabi July 20, 2019 Jacksonville, FL
The Fairness of God: Level Playing Field Rick Beam January 11, 2020 Rome, GA
Building a Family Joshua Creech May 31, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
Sound Doctrine Rick Beam August 29, 2020 Rome, GA
You Shall Not Take God’s Name in Vain: The Ten Commandments - Part 3 Gary Petty January 2, 2016 Nashville, TN
Commandment Series: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Commandments Tom Robinson November 12, 2011 Columbia - Fulton, MO
Deliverance From Our Bondage to Sin John Cafourek April 29, 2016 Salem, OR
The Way of the Wicked Brian Shaw December 20, 2014 Twin Cities, MN