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Habakkuk Justin Massie July 26, 2014 Bethlehem, PA
Seated, Clothed, and in Right Mind Victor Hou January 17, 2015 San Diego, CA
Book of James, Part 2: James 2:1-13 Roy Holladay August 18, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
One Brick at a Time Scott Moss October 25, 2014 Ft. Wayne, IN; Lihue, Hawaii 2014
King of Peace Daniel Robert Berendt October 1, 2015 Maui, Hawaii 2015
Conversion Joseph Nemetz March 24, 2018 Beloit, WI
Righteousness From God Frank Fish June 26, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
Sanctification: What Does It Mean? Gary Burke April 6, 2018 Lawton, OK
Blessed Is the One Who Endures Dave Wallauch July 10, 2021 Orange County, CA
A Survey of Marriage, Part 2 Gary Smith June 6, 2015 Houston, TX
God's Tabernacle Is With Men Austin Wildt September 27, 2018 Glacier Country, Montana 2018
The Basics Help Us Prepare for Passover Jim Morgan March 16, 2019 Huntsville, AL
Grow Your Faith Boyce N. Berkel April 27, 2013 Tampa, FL
Initiative- Is It Lacking in Our Life? Randy McQuien September 1, 2018 Tampa, FL
And You Shall Know That I Am the Lord Thomas Bulharowski October 2, 2021 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Does God Speak to Us? Dave Delamater January 25, 2014 Redlands, CA
Attitude of Thankfulness Barry Howdeshell November 23, 2013 Little Rock, AR; Jonesboro, AR
Fulfilling God's Joy Charles J. Williams October 1, 2018 Glacier Country, Montana 2018
Melting Black Ice Mark C. Kasperson December 19, 2020 Hartford, CT
God's Church Is a Family Dennis Stawarz March 19, 2022 Las Vegas, NV; Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA