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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
I Never Knew You Shannon Lucas July 30, 2011 East Texas
The Elephant in the Room Howard Baker July 30, 2011 East Texas
Our Foundation Frank McCrady July 30, 2011 Dayton, OH
Judgment and Wisdom Joe Greene July 30, 2011 Beloit, WI; Milwaukee, WI
Spiritual Gifts, Part 3 Dan Dowd July 30, 2011 Milwaukee, WI; Eau Claire, WI
The End, Part 1: The Struggle for Survival John Elliott July 30, 2011 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ
The Wallenda Factor Herb Vierra July 30, 2011 Eureka, CA
Defending the Hope That Is Within You Randy Stiver July 30, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
Getting a Grip on Our Lives Stan Martin July 30, 2011 Chattanooga, TN
Remember Your First Love Darris McNeely July 30, 2011 Ft. Wayne, IN
A Legacy of Faith Rick Shabi July 30, 2011 Jacksonville, FL; Orlando, FL
The Golden Dream: Liberty and Creativity Set Free Arthur Morris July 30, 2011 North Canton, OH
Spritual Orphans James Cowell July 30, 2011 Elmira, NY
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Righteous Reward Craig Scott July 30, 2011 Raleigh, NC
The Lesson of Jerusalem Ethan May July 30, 2011 Chicago, IL
Letting Go - Part 1 HOWARD NITZBERG July 30, 2011 Knoxville, TN
Becoming a Living Sacrifice Aaron Dean July 25, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH; Jacksonville, FL; Knoxville, TN
Faith Busters Gary Petty July 23, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
A Lesson in Humility Peter Eddington July 23, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
Are You a Great Christian? Gary Antion July 23, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH