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The if Factor Doc White March 11, 2017 Roanoke, VA
Our Understanding of the Place of Safety Ethan May November 16, 2019 Chicago, IL
How Important Is Our Congregation to God and to Us? Monte Knudson September 5, 2020 Phoenix East, AZ
Let Us Keep the Feast Rick Shabi March 20, 2021 Orlando, FL
The Beast and Its Image Steve Buchanan November 6, 2021 El Paso, TX; Tucson, AZ
How Can I Be an Effective Father? Steve Myers June 14, 2014 Cincinnati East, OH
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Let God Defeat Your Enemies Steve Buchanan April 21, 2014 Tucson, AZ; El Paso, TX
The Sabbath in the Old Testament, Part 1 Shawn Cortelyou December 12, 2015 Munster, IN; Elkhart, IN
We Shall Be Changed Robin Webber September 26, 2006 San Diego, CA
Exodus 12 Fred Nance September 17, 2016 Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR
The Real American Revolution Frank Dunkle July 4, 2015 Portsmouth, OH
Walk in the Ways of God Michael Arritt July 20, 2013 Prestonsburg, KY
Maintain the Excitement Kirk Kester November 7, 2015 Buffalo, NY
God's Purpose for the Church Gary Petty August 26, 2017 Murfreesboro, TN
Bible Study Course Lesson 1: Why the Bible Is the Word of God Philip Aust March 6, 2021 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
Hello My Name Is... Heretic Ed Dowd November 12, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
Self Righteousness Donald Ward May 16, 2009 Houston, TX
When Is the Best Time to Repent? Lynn Leiby July 9, 2016 Dallas, TX
The Book of Joel Scott Moss July 18, 2015 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Battle for Truth Paul Moody February 21, 2015 Spokane, WA