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Will We Go to Heaven? Greg Sanny December 1, 2012 Northwest Arkansas
Helpers of Joy Mike Phelps March 12, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
Fries, Shies and the Prize Andy Sieker February 22, 2014 Elmira, NY
Lead Yourself Chris Rowland September 2, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
Conviction, Commitment, Courage Ray Roberts April 14, 2018 Orange County, CA
God Doesn’t Need Your Money! Stephen de Campos June 9, 2019 Dallas, TX
Authority of God Greg Baker January 18, 2020 Dallas, TX
The Miracle of Grafting Nicholas K. Lamoureux May 23, 2020 Bangor, ME; Saratoga Springs, NY; Southern New Hampshire; Worcester, MA
Our God: Always in Control and Keeping His Promises Mike Phelps July 16, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
Spotting Dolphins Todd Herridge September 28, 2021 Daytona Beach, Florida 2021
Why Blessings Rudy Rangel III October 17, 2015 Cincinnati East, OH
Lessons from Picher, Oklahoma Greg Sanny January 23, 2016 Northwest Arkansas
Summary of Atonement Howard Marchbanks September 23, 2015 Redlands, CA
I Will Use My Freedom Well Jim Koller April 9, 2016 Albuquerque, NM
Days of Unleavened Bread, Have They Changed Our Diet Only? Andy Sieker April 17, 2017 Buffalo, NY
The Passover, Unleavened Bread and Beyond Ryan Hall April 29, 2017 Buford, GA
Cut to the Heart Pedro A. Reinoso June 13, 2017 Dallas, TX
A Servant's Heart Larry Cortelyou October 19, 2016 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2016
Are We Prepared? Rick Matthews December 30, 2017 Burlington, WA
Do You Know God as Your Deliverer? John Murphy July 4, 2020 Seattle, WA