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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Helper Gail Allwine March 26, 2013 Spokane, WA
Put the Leaven out and Let Christ In Paul Moody March 26, 2013 Spokane, WA
Spiritual Energy to Overcome Braden Veller March 26, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
How Sin Is Removed From Our Lives Ralph Helge March 26, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
The Symbolism in the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread Darris McNeely March 26, 2013 Greensboro, NC
Repentance: Correcting the Cause of Failure Vernon Hargrove March 26, 2013 Columbus, OH
The Meek and the Proud Brian Shaw March 26, 2013 Twin Cities, MN
What Is Your Focus? Ed Dowd March 26, 2013 Wichita, KS
The Leaven of Pride Tom Damour March 26, 2013 Lubbock, TX
Why Are We Observing the Days of Unleavened Bread? Matthew McDonald March 26, 2013 Lubbock, TX
Continuing Our Self Examination Don Pirwitz March 26, 2013 Springfield, MO
Making Haste Toward Godliness Robin Webber March 26, 2013 San Diego, CA
Why Would God Harden Someone's Heart? Gary Petty March 26, 2013 San Antonio, TX
Why Do We Do What We Do? Frank Dunkle March 26, 2013 Prestonsburg, KY
Preventing Sin From Entering Our Lives Donald Ward March 26, 2013 East Texas
Think on These Things David Roenspies March 26, 2013 Beloit, WI
Seek the Truth of God Johnnie Lambert March 26, 2013 Elmira, NY
Sincerity and Truth Kirk Kester March 26, 2013 Elmira, NY
The Symbol of Unleavening Before the Exodus and Now! Greg Thomas March 26, 2013 Cleveland, OH
Lessons from Leavening Gordon Hannaway March 26, 2013 Tampa, FL