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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Bearing Fruit Gary Smith May 19, 2013 Houston, TX
The Spirit of Life Kelly Irvin May 19, 2013 Northwest Arkansas
Do You Bear the Fruit of God's Holy Spirit? Ken Martin May 19, 2013 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
The Tree of Life Bob Fahey May 18, 2013 Chicago, IL
Which Spirit Do You Have? Ed Dowd May 18, 2013 Wichita, KS
Spiritual Sinkholes Robert Curry May 18, 2013 Colorado Springs, CO
Celebrating Pentecost as a Firstfruit Gary Beam May 18, 2013 Huntsville, AL
The Holy Spirit: The Work of God and You David Love May 18, 2013 Medford, OR
Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit Ray K. Cowan May 18, 2013 London, KY
Spiritual Gifts Leroy Cole May 18, 2013 Lewistown, PA
Not by Might, nor by Power Scott Moss May 18, 2013 Ft. Wayne, IN
God is Sovereign, God is Good Ken Thomson May 18, 2013 San Antonio, TX
Grow in the Fruits of the Spirit Don Mathie May 18, 2013 Oshkosh, WI
Remember Shiloh Bill Cowan May 18, 2013 Chattanooga, TN
Seasons as Holy Occasions Johnnie Lambert May 18, 2013 Elmira, NY
First Fruits Johnnie Lambert May 18, 2013 Elmira, NY
Spiritual Gifts to Edify the Body Jorge de Campos May 18, 2013 Louisville, KY
God's Gifts Are Miraculous Skip Miller May 18, 2013 San Diego, CA
The Name of Jesus James Cowell May 18, 2013 San Diego, CA
Power From on High Paul Moody May 18, 2013 Spokane, WA