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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Endurance Dan Dowd June 20, 2020 Milwaukee, WI
Jesus Christ’s Olivet Prophecy Scott Ashley June 20, 2020 Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; Frisco, CO; Loveland, CO
Sticking to the Mission Joshua Creech June 20, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
The Saddest Marriage Bill Wilson June 20, 2020 Ft. Myers, FL; Ocala, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Vero Beach, FL
Pestilence and the Word of God James G. Calantjis June 20, 2020 Hartford, CT; Manhattan, NY; New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
Blessings From a Father Lewis VanAusdle June 20, 2020 Hartford, CT; Manhattan, NY; New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
The Safe Servant Scott Krohn June 20, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
Father's Day Will Be Here Soon Jerry Shallenberger June 20, 2020 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
Obtaining and Using Wisdom, Part 3 Gary Smith June 20, 2020 Houston, TX
The Day God's Jaw Dropped! Bruce Anderson June 20, 2020 Little Falls, MN; Twin Cities, MN
Juneteenth and the Coming Kingdom of God (Comparing the Emancipation Proclamations) James J Malizia June 20, 2020 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Delight in the Lord Raymond F Stapp June 20, 2020 Lexington, KY
You Have God's Spirit Frank Fish June 20, 2020 Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Redlands, CA
Fight for Our Children Robert Coser June 20, 2020 Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC
Isaiah 59 Greg Sanny June 20, 2020 Northwest Arkansas
Be Not Afraid My People John Miller June 20, 2020 North Canton, OH
Laodicea: Warning to End Time Christians! Ken Martin June 20, 2020 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Parallels of Our Spiritual Father and Our Physical Fathers Donald Ward June 20, 2020 East Texas
Seek the Forever Age Ethan May June 20, 2020 Beloit, WI
Shepherds David Jones June 20, 2020 Sioux Falls, SD; Watertown, SD