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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Where Do I Stand with God? Gordon Hannaway January 8, 2011 Tampa, FL
Faith, Healing, Physicians Russell Shelton January 8, 2011 Nashville, TN
Post-Nubilus-Phoebus Tim Franke January 8, 2011 Nashville, TN
Understanding the 23rd Psalm in Times of Trouble Greg Thomas January 8, 2011 Cleveland, OH
Contrite Spirit, Inner Strength Roy Holladay January 8, 2011 Chattanooga, TN
Armor of God, Part 3: Godly Righteousness Ed Dowd January 8, 2011 Wichita, KS
Lessons I Have Learned Rex Spears January 8, 2011 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Root of Bitterness David Roenspies January 8, 2011 Beloit, WI
Tragedy to Triumph Steve Myers January 8, 2011 Twin Cities, MN
The Fabric of Our Spiritual Lives Scott Moss January 8, 2011 Ft. Wayne, IN
Focus on Eternity Andy McClain January 8, 2011 Indianapolis, IN; Ft. Wayne, IN
Righteousness Before Blessings Drew Trone January 8, 2011 Sacramento, CA
Why We Go to Church Gary Antion January 8, 2011 Phoenix East, AZ
The Hidden Danger of Compromise Ken Martin January 8, 2011 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Walking Faith Steve Myers January 3, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
God Speaks to Us Donald Ward January 1, 2011 Houston, TX
Sanctify Johnnie Lambert January 1, 2011 Elmira, NY
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Joe Dobson January 1, 2011 Kansas City
Lessons from the Book of Haggai Tom Charles January 1, 2011 Lewistown, PA
Mnason John Massie January 1, 2011 Lewistown, PA